Los Campesinos! want to commission writers “to foster their community”

They plan to pay these writers "well and on time, to publish in-depth pieces to be enjoyed by fans"

Los Campesinos! shared that they want to commission writers as a way to continue to foster their fanbase community.

The band took to Twitter to announce the idea of working closely with writers to create in-depth pieces that fans would enjoy.

They shared: “Our recent experiences are that very few outlets will cover our band anymore (no hard feelings, I get it!). But we want to continue to foster this community outside of social media, and it seems we’ve an ever-growing fanbase that want to hear about our band.”


They added: “I’ve spoken to plenty of talented writers who feel restricted having to write “for clicks” and who have to chase for months to get their invoices paid. The current norm doesn’t seem to work perfectly for artists, journos or fans.”

The band have made a point to highlight that they plan to pay these writers “well and on time, to publish in-depth pieces to be enjoyed by fans, outside of the restrictive ‘album cycle’ PR pattern.”

They also noted that they are looking for writers of all kinds, not only music writers. “Anyone who could be interested in writing something about/around LC! would be fantastic. Variety is great,” they added.


This is not the first time Los Campesinos! have fostered their community spirit. Last year, the band released a 28-track charity compilation of Los Campesinos! tracks via Scottish DIY indie label Heavenly Creature.

All proceeds from the compilation go to Gendered Intelligence, a registered charity that works to increase understanding of gender diversity and improve the lives of trans people. On the first day of release, the record raised over £2000.

In 2020, the band offered to help their UK fans who were unable to afford the cost of joining a union related to their profession by paying for their first month’s subscription fee.

The band’s latest release was 2021’s ‘Whole Damn Body’ EP.

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