Paving stones featuring Lostprophets lyrics ‘could be removed’ from Pontypridd

Ten engraved slabs featuring Ian Watkins' lyrics were laid down in 2012

Paving stones in Ian Watkins’ hometown of Pontypridd engraved with Lostprophets lyrics could be removed following the frontman’s conviction for sexually abusing children.

The flags feature lyrics to the band’s song ‘Streets Of Nowhere’ and were laid in 2012, the same year Lostprophets released their final album ‘Weapons’. Local Labour Welsh assembly member Mick Antoniw has admitted that the paving, which was layed down to act as a reminder of the area’s cultural history, could now be removed.

The paving slabs can currently be found in the Taff Street area of Pontypridd and feature Watkins’ lyrics, including the line “Every time I walk these streets I know they’re mine.” Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to 13 sexual offences, including two of attempting to rape a baby at Cardiff Crown Court in November.

The Guardian quotes Antoniw as saying: “The paving was originally put down in good faith when there was a lot of pride locally surrounding the Lostprophets. Since then there have been a number of concerns raised and quite a lot of shock in Pontypridd about the detail of what he did.”

Antoniw continues: “This was something that was put in place and intended for people to take pride in. The feeling is that it should be ripped up now. It’s not something that the council should make a song and dance about but I think that these pavings should be discretly removed.”

Two female co-defendants, who cannot be named, also admitted to numerous child sex offences alongside Watkins. Read the full story here and here.