Lostprophets to guest on new Labrinth album

Welsh rockers to lend skills to 'Let The Sunshine' star's debut full-length

Labrinth has enlisted Lostprophets for a guest spot on his debut album.

The Brit singer, best known for his 2010 hit ‘Let The Sunshine’, has revealed he will have a series of guest artists on his first full-length effort.

“Speaking of the album, it looks like Lostprophets are gonna be on it!” he told MTV News. “I’m excited about that.”


The album is still in its early stages, with the singer adding that he was after some even bigger names to appear on it. “I was gutted that Björk is super busy right now working on her own album,” he said, “but I’m gonna keep pushing for that one.”

Welsh rockers Lostprophets are currently writing the follow-up to their 2010 album ‘The Betrayed’, with new material due out before the end of the year.


Labrinth – Let The Sunshine

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