Ian Watkins loses appeal for reduced jail term; judges cite ‘shocking depravity’ of crimes

Woman jailed alongside Watkins is also refused a reduced sentence

An appeal by former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins to reduce the length of his jail term has been rejected by judges.

The singer, from Pontypridd, was jailed in December for 29 years plus six years on licence for a string of serious child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby.

Watkins was not present at the hearing today (July 23). Sally O’Neill QC, representing him, argued that the sentence is “too high in the circumstances”. She said that Watkins’ guilty plea, which prevented disturbing evidence being shown in court, deserved a greater reduction to his overall sentence.


Appeal judges in Cardiff said his offences were “of such shocking depravity that they demanded a lengthy prison sentence,” reports the BBC

A woman jailed alongside Watkins, who cannot be named as she is the mother of one of Watkins’ victims, was also refused an appeal to reduce her 17-year sentence, which was filed on grounds that she was immature when the offences took place and compliant with Watkins because of his fame.

A second woman did not appeal her 14-year sentence.

In May this year, an inquiry was launched by the Independent Police Complaints Commission into whether the celebrity status of the singer delayed him being brought to justice. Gross misconduct notices have already been served on seven police officers from three different forces as part of an investigation into how allegations made against Watkins were dealt with by police. Three officers from South Yorkshire Police; two from Bedfordshire Police and two from South Wales Police are all under investigation.

Watkins’ former bandmates have regrouped with new frontman Geoff Rickly as No Devotion. Playing their debut gig at Cardiff Students’ Union last night, the group thanked fans for “sticking with us”.