Lostprophets compare crowd to Kenny G fans at V Festival

Plus Welsh rockers mock Alanis Morissette at the Chelmsford bash

Lostprophets played a mid-afternoom set on the V Stage at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival today (August 16), during which frontman Ian Watkins compared the crowd to a Kenny G audience.

The singer, whose band took the stage at 3.30pm (BST), led the crowd through a series if cheers after playing opener ‘Can’t Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won’t Save You This Time)’, but was unhappy with the tepid response.

“You’re like a Kenny G crowd!” he said. “You’re at 70 per cent. Time to take it up to 100 per cent.”

During the next song, ‘A Town Called Hypocrisy’, Watkins voiced his displeasure again. “Lukewarm, average at best,” he said in response to the crowd sing-along. “Let’s get serious!”

Then Watkins joked about the rest of the line-up at the festival.

“We’re not quite Alanis Morissette, but we try,” he said, perking up as the crowd response became more kinetic.

The band then played a new song, ‘Streets Of Nowhere’.

Watkins told the crowd that the song would appear on the band’s next album, which will be released next year. “We’ve taken far too long over it, so sorry,” he said.

Finally, after requesting that a crowd member “wave your inflatable penis in time with the kick drum”, Watkins and co ended their set with a frenetic version of ‘Burn Burn’.

Lostprophets played:

‘Can’t Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won’t Save You This Time)’

‘A Town Called Hypocrisy’

‘Everyday Combat’

‘Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)’

‘Last Summer’

‘Streets Of Nowhere’

‘Last Train Home’

‘Burn Burn’

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