Lostprophets close Download in ‘controversial’ style

Welsh rockers preview new material at Donington

Lostprophets closed Download Festival 2008 tonight (June 15), in a show they themselves admitted was “controversial”.

The Welsh hardcore superstars brought the Main Stage proceedings to an explosive climax on the final day of the Donington Festival.

After heavyweight US headliners Kiss and The Offspring, there had been some debate amongst music fans over whether the band could deliver the final night headline performance.

While the band rose to the challenge in style, even frontman Ian Watkins addressed the situation, telling the crowd: “So you’ve been here all weekend and seen a lot of good bands, and now there’s us at the end of it. Controversial! It’s controversial, I know. A lot of people have said ‘yeah,’ a lot of people have said ‘fuck no!’ But at the end of the day we’re here!”

He added: “It’s one of the best weekends of the year, there’s a lot of bands you won’t hear at any other festival in the UK, probably because they’re probably scared to put them on!”

Lostprophets also took the opportunity to debut a clutch of new songs set for their fourth album.

Before new track ‘End Of The World’, Watkins explained: “We’ve been making a new album. Some people say we’re taking too long, but whatever. So we’re going to play a new song. I know what it’s like when bands play new stuff at festivals, because nobody knows them. So I’m going to try to teach you the chorus. It’s like being in school. Think of it as blind karaoke. Live!”

He then led the crowd in the refrain: “It’s not the end of the world now baby/ so come on dry those tears“.

After a rapturously-received ‘Shinobi Versus Dragon Ninja’, they closed the festival with ‘Burn Burn’, complete with a wall of flamethrowers in front of them.

Lostprophets played:

‘We Still Kill The Old Way’

‘To Hell We Ride’

‘New Transmission’

‘Can’t Catch Tomorrow’

‘Town Called Hypocrisy’


‘Fake Sound Of Progress’



‘Start Something’

‘4AM Forever’

‘Last Summer’

‘End Of The World’

‘Everyday Combat’

‘Last Train Home’

‘Shinobi Vs Dragonija’

‘Burn Burn’

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