Lostprophets reveal new album progress in video exclusive

The Welsh band tell NME.COM new album is 'c***y'

Lostprophets have revealed the progress they have made on their new album.

The band are working on the follow up to 2006’s ‘Liberation Transmission’.

Speaking to NME.COM in a video interview, singer Ian Watkins said: “The new stuff is coming along really well. It’s really nasty, dark.

“It’s a cunty album. We’ve never done that before. We wrote in the gaps (between touring), we don’t normally do that.”

Watkins said: “We’ve written 25 songs and we’ve going to put 10 on the album. We recorded it in LA in the producer’s house, which is cool.

“We’ve done 25 songs and we’re going to put 10 on the album. We’ve had friends in other bands who’ve worked with him like The Used.”

To see the full interview see below.