And one of the band is so keen to get started, he's already decamped to Hollywood...


will record their third album in

LOS ANGELES this year, with one band member so keen


to get to work that he has moved out there!

NME.COM caught up with guitarist Mike

Lewis in West Hollywood, where he told us

the reasons for his move all the way from sunny


“I’ve lived here for a month-and-a-half,” he said. “I moved here


with my girlfriend. She’s in school here and we’ll be recording here

all this year, so it just made more sense than anywhere else.”

The Welsh metal outfit have become superstars in the states in the

wake of the soaraway success of second album ‘Start

Something’. And Lewis revealed that they’re

not planning to waste any time with the follow-up.

He told NME.COM: “We’re going to Japan for like a

week, then we’re gonna take a month-and-a-half off, and then we start

writing the new record in March. We’re going to rent a big house in

Surrey, and all jam there together for two months,

and then come back here to record during the summer.”

The band plan to release the follow-up to ‘Start

Something’ early in 2006, with plans for a new single and UK

tour before the end of the year.

The rounded radio riffs of ‘Start Something’ were

a massive departure from the industrial nu-metal tones of 2001 debut

‘Thefakesoundofprogess’, and Lewis

promised that their third set would be just as distinctive.

“We don’t want to make ‘Start Something 2’,” he

said, “but again what we don’t want to do is plan it out because it’ll

end up sounding contrived. Like I say we’re all going to move into a

big house together and basically set everything up quite organically,

just the six of us in a room.”

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