Lostprophets steal the show at Give It A Name

New songs and a new drummer for Welsh rockers

Lostprophets brought the second, and final day of the

London leg of ‘Give It A Name’ 06 to a close last

night, and aired new material during their headline


set at Earls Court.

The Welsh rockers, who’ve been out of the limelight

for the last 18 months, revealed they’d been on a warm

up tour of small venues around Wales.

“It was like being on our first tour again,” singer Ian Watkins

told the crowd. “It was awesome.”


The singer then asked the crowd, “want to know what

we’ve been up to since you last saw us?” and launched

into new song, ‘The New Transmission’. Then he

introduced new drummer Ilan Rubin, who played a five

minute drum solo to signal his arrival.

Forthcoming single ‘Rooftops’ was also played, and

Watkins spent time teaching the crowd the words to the

song. “I don’t want you to think, ‘Ah, it’s a good

song, but I don’t know the words’,” he said. “It goes

like this; “’Standing on the rooftops, everybody scream

your heart out’. Now you try singing it!”

The fans responded in kind on both ’Rooftops’, and a

clutch of older, more familiar material, including

‘Last Summer’ and ‘Sway’.

Earlier in the day the new band from former Blink-182

guitarist Tom Delonge, Angels and Airwaves had

played, in addition to ska rockers Goldfinger, ShockWaves NME Awards Tour favourites We Are Scientists, and just

before Lostprophets, emo rockers Taking Back Sunday.

However, the NY band had an unexpected injury during

their set, when singer Adam Lazzarra – twirling his

microphone above his head – hit his own bass player,

Matt Rubana, in the temple during the first song.

The clearly dazed bass player managed to make it through

his set, and the singer highlighted his bandmate’s

“hardness” on stage, yet was taken to hospital upon

the close of the set, with suspected concussion.

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