Lou Reed would be ‘amused but secretly delighted’ by Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction, says sister

The Velvet Underground frontman will be inducted at a ceremony in Cleveland this weekend (April 18)

Lou Reed‘s sister has claimed that the late musician would have been “secretly delighted” by his upcoming Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction.

The Velvet Underground frontman will be posthumously inducted this evening (April 18), with Beck and Karen O set to pay tribute to him live. Ahead of the ceremony, Reed’s sister Merrill Reed Weiner has told Billboard that he would have relished the event, whilst maintaining a cool exterior.

“For him to be honored by his peers in this kind of way, I know how much it would have meant to him,” Weiner said. “Not that he would have let you know it.”


Weiner continued: “He wouldn’t be smiling quite the way I am, for sure. I think he would be amused. I think he would be sardonic and I think he’d be secretly delighted, really, really delighted.”

“[Music] meant the world to him, and I wish he were here to see it. It’s amazing for him to be recognized in this way.”

Earlier this week, Weiner penned an article in which she discussed growing up with the singer and set the record straight on several rumours regarding his life. Among other things, Weiner addressed claims that her parents sent Reed to electroshock therapy for homosexual urges he experienced during his youth.

“It has been suggested by some authors that ECT was approved by my parents because Lou had confessed to homosexual urges,” she wrote. “How simplistic. He was depressed, weird, anxious, and avoidant.”

Weiner added: “My parents were many things, but homophobic they were not. In fact, they were blazing liberals.”

Weiner told Billboard that she had initially written the letter following Reed’s death, sending copies to various biographers, but was urged to upload it online by her son. “I wrote it and then my son, the media savvy guy, said, ‘Mom, we can put it on the Internet.’ So I said, ‘Why not? Let’s set the record straight,’ and that’s what I endeavored to do and I feel like I did it. And I knew Lou always wanted me to do that.”


Weiner will attend the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony in Cleveland, where she will be joined by Reed’s widow, Laurie Anderson and second wife, Sylvia Morales.

Lou Reed passed away from liver disease on October 27, 2013 at the age of 71.