Lou Reed: ‘Metallica fans have threatened to shoot me because of ‘Lulu”

Singer also hints at possible sequel - but says 'no-one wants 'Lulu Part 2'' apart from him

Lou Reed has claimed that Metallica fans are “threatening to shoot me” because they’re unhappy about their collaboration album ‘Lulu’.

In an interview with USA Today, the veteran rocker said that fans of the metal giants were wishing “torture and death” upon him – even though they might not have heard the LP.

Reed and Metallica released the album, which is based around German dramatist Frank Wedekind’s 1913 play about the life of an abused dancer, earlier this week (October 31).


The former Velvet Undergound man said:

[Metallica‘s fans] are threatening to shoot me, and that’s only because I showed up. They haven’t even heard the record yet, and they’re recommending various forms of torture and death.

However, the singer went on to add that he was not affected by their reaction and made reference to the negative reaction his infamous 1975 album ‘Metal Machine Music’ received, adding: “I don’t have any fans left. After ‘Metal Machine Music’, they all fled. Who cares? I’m essentially in this for the fun of it.”

Reed – who paid tribute to Metallica by describing them as his “metal blood brothers” – also hinted at a possible sequel. “No-one wants ‘Lulu Part 2’, but on Radio Lou, in my head where I hear these songs, I want more of it,” he said.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, meanwhile, spoke in defence of the record, stating: “This is something they’ve never heard. Nobody hears rhythms or delivers poetry the way Lou does. It’s not for everyone, but I think it’s a fantastic record.”

The metal legends are currently working on a new album according to bass player Rob Trujillo. He explained that the follow-up to ‘Death Magnetic’ was the launch pad for “the beginning of something very, very cool”.

Metallica will perform tracks from ‘Lulu’ with Reed on November 8 on Later… With Jools Holland. Click below to see a video of the band and Reed discuss how the project progressed from start to finish.