Lou Reed made ‘Lulu’ collaborators Metallica cry

Both Kirk Hammett and frontman James Hetfield were reduced to tears by Reed's lyrics

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and frontman James Hetfield have revealed that Lou Reed made them cry whilst they were recording their forthcoming collaborative album, ‘Lulu’.

Hammett has said that was reduced to tears as they recorded the song ‘Junior Dad’, reports Contact Music. He explained:

I had just lost my father literally three or four weeks previous. I had to run out of the control room, and I found myself standing in the kitchen, sobbing away.

Hammett was then joined by Hetfield, whose father left his family when he was in his early teens. He continued:

James came into the kitchen in the same condition – he was sobbing, too. It was insane… Lou managed to take out both guitar players in Metallica in one fell swoop, with his amazing poetic lyrics.


Metallica and Lou Reed have named their collaborative album ‘Lulu’. it will be released on October 31.

The metal titans and the former Velvet Underground man have launched a joint website Loureedmetallica.com and posted information update about ‘Lulu’.

They wrote of the album:

‘Lulu’ was inspired by German expressionist writer Frank Wedekind‘s plays Earth Spirit and Pandora’s Box which tell a story of a young abused dancer’s life and relationships. Since their publication in the early 1900s, the plays have been the inspiration for a silent film, an opera, and countless other creative endeavors.