Lou Reed’s manager accused of making ‘hitman’ threat

Manager Tom Sarig in dispute over headhunter fee

Lou Reed‘s manager Tom Sarig has been accused of threatening behaviour towards a headhunter.

Police are investigating claims that Sarig had threatened to send Israeli hitmen after Adrian Smith, who provides personal staff to celebrities, following a dispute over an unpaid bill.

The Village Voice reports that Smith found an assistant for Reed in February. He claims he then had problems trying to get Sarig to pay a customary finders’ fee of 20 per cent of the assistant’s annual $70,000 (£44,000) salary.

After much alleged bartering over Smith‘s fee, things reportedly got so heated that by March 8 Sarig allegedly told him: “Our guys in Israel are going to fly in and they will kill you.”

Smith filed a complaint shortly after this conversation and police are currently investigating the issue.

A detective with New York‘s Midtown North division said: “We’re familiar with the case, and it’s an ongoing investigation.”