The old sparring partners have both contributed tracks to a new compilation album put together by Violent Femmes frontman Gordon Gano...

PJ HARVEY, LOU REED, JOHN CALE and FRANK BLACK all feature on new album titled ‘HITTING THE GROUND’, a collection of songs written by VIOLENT FEMMES leader GORDON GANO.

Harvery sings the album title track while Lou Reed takes over on ‘Catch ‘Em In The Act’, John Cale is on ‘Don’t Pretend’, and Black sings a song called ‘Run’.

The nine-track album, also featuring They Might Be Giants and Mary Lou Lord, will be released in early 2002.

Originally intended as the score for an independent film of the same name, the album has been delayed several times. An acquaintance of director David Moore, Gano initially volunteered to write one song but wound up composing the full slate instead and asked his famous friends to join in.

The full track listing for ‘Hitting the Ground’ is: ‘Hitting The Ground’ – PJ Harvey

‘Oh, Wonder’ – Mary Lou Lord

‘Make It Happen’ – Gordon Gano

‘Don’t Pretend’ – John Cale

‘Catch ‘Em In The Act’ – Lou Reed

‘So It Goes’ – Linda Perry

‘Run” – Frank Black

‘Darlin’ Alison’ – They Might Be Giants

‘It’s Money’ – TBD