Gordon Gano assembles a star cast...

Lou Reed, JOHN CALE, PJ HARVEY and former PIXIES frontman FRANK BLACK all guest on ‘HITTING THE GROUND’, the debut solo album from former VIOLENT FEMMES mainman GORDON GANO.

The stars feature on the record on tracks written specifically for them by Gano. The Femmes man features little on the album himself.

“All the artists and their performances sounds like there couldn’t have been any other choices,” said Gano. “Each one is really the right person to be doing it. They all get the highest marks at what they do, they are each the best at what they do.”

Of all the contributors, only Lou Reed changed his song a little. He altered some of the lyrics on his track ‘Catch ‘Em In The Act’.

“I got ‘Catch ‘Em In the Act’ back and Lou says, ‘I took the liberty of changing a few of your lyrics,'” explained Gano. “Well, if you’re going to have somebody change your lyrics…. but he improved the song and made it completely his own.”

‘Hitting The Ground’ is released through Cooking Vinyl on September 2.

The full tracklisting is:

‘Hitting The Ground’ – PJ Harvey

‘Oh, Wonder’ – Mary Lou Lord

‘Make It Happen’ – Gordon Gano

‘Don’t Pretend’ – John Cale

‘Catch ‘Em In The Act’ – [a][/a]

‘So It Goes’ – Linda Perry

‘Run’ – Frank Black

‘Darlin’ Allison’ – They Might Be Giants

‘Merry Christmas Brother’ – Cynthia Gayneau

‘It’s Money’ – Gordon Gano/Martha Wainwright

‘Hitting The Ground’ – Gordon Gano