'An Introduction To...' contains 16 classic tracks spanning the career of the rock legends...

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND are the latest band to become the subject of the ‘AN INTRODUCTION TO…’ series.

‘An Introduction To The Velvet Underground’ is released on July 2 via Universal, and claims not to be a greatest hits, but an introduction to the band’s extensive back catalogue.

The 16-track record features material from their albums ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’, ‘The Velvet Underground’, ‘White Light, White Heat’ and ‘Another View’, as well as material from their previously released box set.

The tracklisting for the record runs: ‘Temptation Inside Your Heart’

‘Rock And Roll’

‘Lady Godiva’s Operation’

‘Candy Says’

‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’

‘Foggy Nation’

‘Pale Blue Eyes’

‘White Light, White Heat’

‘Sweet Jane’

‘Here She Comes Now’

‘Some Kinda Love’

‘Stephanie Says’

‘There She Goes Again’

‘Run, Run, Run’

‘What Goes On’

‘Venus In Furs’