Website compiles eight early Reed songs in RealAudio...

Early Lou Reed tracks, recorded prior to thje formation of the Velvet Underground, have surfaced on the Lou Reed website at

The site has compiled eight early Reed tracks including a 1958 doo-wop single called ‘Leave Her For Me’ recorded as The Jades when Reed was 16 and ‘Why Don’t You Smile Now’, one of his first collaborations with John Cale.

The tracks are available in Real Audio streaming and are accompanied by extensive notes.


Amongst the tracks is ‘The Ostrich’, a ‘teen dance sensation’ single recorded in 1964 under the moniker The Primitives that bears quite a resemblance to Sebadoh‘s ‘Flame’, recorded last year by another guy called Lou. Compare and contrast: click here for ‘The Ostrich’ and here for ‘Flame’.

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