Louis Tomlinson credits Noel Gallagher on his new Oasis-inspired single

Looks like Noel acquiesced on this one

Louis Tomlinson has credited Noel Gallagher as a “lyricist and composer” on his latest single ‘Walls’, after including elements of three Oasis tracks on the song.

The former One Direction star approached Gallagher seeking permission to lift parts of ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’, ‘Cast No Shadow’ and ‘Acquiesce’ on the song, avoiding a potential copyright infringement.

The chorus, in particular, bears a strong resemblance to ‘Acquiesce’ in the vocal melody. Watch the video for ‘Walls’ below.


The singer admitted he was “surprised” that Gallagher, who previously called him a “cocksucker”, agreed to the credit. The move sees the former Oasis singer named as a “lyricist and composer” – meaning he also stands to benefit from any royalties made from the song.

Tomlinson has frequently praised Oasis in the past, saying that there needs to be more bands like the Britpop icons.

In 2017 the singer tweeted: “Sorry but where’s all the attitude gone in music? About time we had some more trouble causers in the industry”.

Tomlinson then told a fan to “go look up some old interviews of Oasis”, later adding: “Oasis are sick and we need more bands that don’t give a fuck like them in their prime”.


Gallagher, meanwhile, revealed last week (January 15) that he is planning to a take a long break from touring.

The singer said he wants to take a step back from live music so he can spend more time with his family once his current tour ends.

He told the Matt Morgan’s Funny How? podcast: ”I’m ready to call it a day, actually. I’m ready to stop touring for a while. I’m ready to take a big chunk of time off.

”I can see myself not producing as much material and touring every five to six years, as opposed to every two or three.

”I’m 52 now. By the time I finish the next tour I’ll be 58, so that’s nearly 60. You don’t know how you’re going to feel physically. You’re gonna think, ‘Can I be fucking arsed to be away from the kids?”’