Louis Tomlinson has put together a new girl band

The former One Direction singer also said his solo career "happened by accident"

Louis Tomlinson has put together a new girl band, he has revealed in a new interview.

The former One Direction singer launched his solo career last year and has already collaborated with Steve Aoki and Bebe Rexha.

Speaking to Noisey, Tomlinson said he had spent the last two years working on a new group. “I wanted to put this girl band together so I pitched it to Simon [Cowell],” he said. He added that that pitch got him his own imprint on Cowell’s label, Syco.


“The most important thing for me was that they have to be undeniably great musicians,” he continued. “To me, there’s nothing cooler than seeing a girl own an instrument. It originally started when I was following Little Mix and I thought they’d go down a more guitar-led route.

“But that whole Paramore vibe in America is so huge, and we found this unbelievably amazing lead singer and a great bassist who were in a band together already, and then we found a guitarist and drummer. It’s early days with the label stuff, but the girls are my first major project and I’m super invested in them.”

Tomlinson also discussed his solo career, which he said “happened by accident”. “There was a six-month period where I was just writing,” he explained.

“I wasn’t writing for me – I was writing for other people – and then we got the Steve song and everything started happening quickly. Before long, I’d got a call saying I could play the X Factor final, which was such a big fucking deal for me. I felt a real sense of fulfilment doing that.”

The singer’s debut solo single ‘Just Hold On’ charted at Number Two in the Official UK Singles Chart. He is due to release the follow-up, ‘Back To You’, on Friday (July 21).