Former ‘X Factor’ winner Louisa Johnson responds after homophobic tweets resurface

The singer - who won the talent competition in 2015 - has apologised for the messages, most of which were sent in 2013 when she was 14

Louisa Johnson has apologised after a number of homophobic tweets she posted back in 2013 resurfaced online.

Johnson, who won The X Factor back in 2015, has come under fire recently after The Sun obtained hundreds of offensive messages she sent on Twitter back in 2013 when she was 14 years old.

The singer has now addressed the controversy in a statement posted to Twitter, where she refused to make any excuses for herself.

“I was young and foolish, and hanging around with the wrong crowd and didn’t know any better,” she wrote. “That’s not an excuse. It’s an explanation.

“I’m sorry for some of the comments I made at that time on social media. I think it’s important for me to speak out about this and say that I don’t think it is right or appropriate for anyone to use derogatory language at any time or at any age, no matter the circumstances.

“I am a completely different person to who I was at the age of 14, and I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community,” she continued.

“I have a lot of young fans, and I know I can now use my voice for a message of positivity, inclusion, and equality.”

Back in August 2017, Johnson revealed that she’d managed to burn her face with toothpaste.