Mystikal free on $3 million bond in rape case

His lawyers believe they have evidence proving his innocence

Mystikal has been released from prison on a $3 million bond after spending nearly 18 months behind bars for a rape charge.

The Louisiana rapper, whose real name is Michael Tyler, was freed yesterday (February 14) from his state’s northwest correctional complex near Shreveport.

Tyler, 48, of New Orleans – who is perhaps best known for his 2000 hit ‘Shake It Fast’ – surrendered in August 2017 when he learned there was a warrant out for his arrest.


He was accused of a sexual assault at a Shreveport casino in October 2016, for which he was charged with first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping.

Mystikal rape allegations

After being released on bail, Tyler said: “It’s a test of faith, you know, walk of faith.” His trial is scheduled for May.

According to Fox News, the rapper’s lawyers have said that they believe they have enough evidence, including video footage, to prove that Tyler did not commit the alleged crimes.

Joel Pearce, Tyler’s lawyer, said: “Ultimately whenever the district attorney begins looking at what the facts of the case actually are it’s ultimately gonna be a dismissal.”

He added: “I mean, this never happened.”


Tyler’s bail release was delayed this week because the bonding agency he used was not initially approved to bond him out.

In 2003, Tyler pleaded guilty to other crimes. He had forced his then-hairstylist to perform sex acts on him and two bodyguards.

He was released from a Louisiana prison in 2010 after serving six years for sexual battery and extortion.

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