There's gonna be even more of the 1967 pyschedelic masterpiece...

LOVE’s 1967 psychedelic masterpiece ‘FOREVER CHANGES’ is to be reissued with seven additional tracks in February.

Ranked alongside The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ in terms of its creativity, it never achieved commercial success.

Producer of the beefed-up 18-song reissue, Andrew Sandoval, who worked on reissues for both the Beatles and Beach Boys, said that the additional tracks, in which frontman and founderArthur Lee can clearly be heard “directing” the band in the studio, gave a unique insight into how the band worked.

“It’s a great insight into how Lee led the group – through intimidation,” Sandoval told [url=]wwwsonicnet.com “You just hear him badgering them, but the final result is an amazing record.”

However the members of Love who worked on the album will be unable to enjoy the fruits of the reissue. Lee is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence in California on a 1995 handgun conviction, while in 1998 bassist Ken Forssi died of brain cancer and guitarist Bryan MacLean died of a heart-attack on Christmas Day 1998.