The dance event is called off for the second year in a row…

BERLIN’s LOVE PARADE has been cancelled for the second year in a row.

The decision came after organisers failed to secure funding for the dance event, claiming that Germany’s ailing economy made it difficult to secure essential corporate sponsorship.

However, organisers hope to revive the July event in 2006.

Sabine Bremermann of the Love Parade told BBC News: “We will do everything we can, in co-operation with the city-state of Berlin, industry and the media, to find a way to make a comeback in the year of the World Cup.”

The Love Parade started off in 1989 as a small techno rave. At its peak in 1999, 1.5 million people were attracted to the event.

Berlin used to be left by organisers – who claimed the event was a political demonstration – to pick up the costs of putting on the parade and the clean-up operation.

However a court in ruled in 2001 that it was a commercial venture and the city was no longer liable to carry the costs.

The 2003 Love Parade was hailed as a success through declining numbers meant that, as in previous years, it had incurred financial losses.

Switzerland, Chile and the US have hosted their own Love Parade events, taking inspiration from Berlin.