Lovejoy on the devotion of their fans and plans for new music at Reading 2023

The Brighton indie band caught up with NME backstage before making their debut appearance at the festival

Lovejoy caught up with NME backstage at Reading & Leeds 2023, and opened up about the unwavering devotion from their fans, upcoming UK tour and plans for new music. Check out the full interview above.

The rising indie four-piece arrived at Reading yesterday (August 27), for the second of their two performances at the twin sister festival. The sets marked their first-ever appearance at R&L, with frontman Will Gold and co. opening up about which artists they were blown away by, as well as their plans for the future.

They also took a look back at the overwhelming response they received from their recent EP ‘Wake Up & It’s Over’, and reflected on the impressive sense of loyalty they have from their fanbase – something which they refuse to take for granted.


“It would be terrifying if we didn’t have them,” the frontman said, asked about the strong cult following they have gathered in the two years since they formed. “I think having them really legitimises our performance a bit, which is a blessing to have this early on in our career.”

“We had a couple shows where we had not very many of our… our season ticket holders there. And you could feel it. I felt lonely,” he added. “I missed them when they weren’t there and it’s a blessing to have them [back]… We just wanna make something good enough that they stick around, I guess. That’s the goal.”

Crowd for Lovejoy. Credit: Mikalai Valadkevich

The four-piece also recalled what it was like on their recently-concluded US tour, which saw them play shows across the country. Here, they explained the main differences between their US audiences and longtime UK fans, and admitted that while they got an impressive reception across the pond, part of them still longed for the charm of their British crowds.

“They were great [in the US], it was really exciting,” Gold explained to NME. “They’re a very different crowd, the US crowd. I’d say that the peaks are louder, as in like the volume peaks are louder, [but] the volume drops are quieter than the UK.

“They get louder, but they also get very quiet whenever you speak! I don’t know, maybe it’s the British accent? Makes me sound smarter than I am.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Lovejoy also shed insight into the frontman’s ever-expanding collection of Tamagotchis, and teased that they are currently underway with writing new music.

“Yeah, we’ve been working on some stuff. We can’t wait for more songs,” they explained. “We have stuff coming. That’s what we’re trying to say!”

As for what the new music will sound like, or when we can expect to see it, Gold kept all details on the project firmly under wraps. “They’ll hit me [if I say anymore]” he joked, gesturing to his bandmates, who had their eyes fixated on him. “They have a shock collar around my waist. And if I speak, I get zapped every time… I want to tell you, but I can’t.”

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