Low reveal details of new album

The band's eighth LP has some surprising influences

Low’s forthcoming album has been influenced by some surprising sources, frontman Alan Sparhawk told NME.COM.

‘Drums And Guns’, due out on March 20 in the US and the UK, is quite a “departure” for the Minnesota-based trio.

“It sounds very different,” the singer/guitarist said of the band’s eighth studio album. “We’re using samples in a loose way. Many of the song structures are based on a recurring, raw sound. The technique is closer to the way early hip-hop records were put together than the way we’ve made albums in the past.


“The best hip-hop artists take a self-effacing, yet self-aggrandising tone. They acknowledge that they’re speaking to someone. Indie rock sometimes forgets that. This album feels more like I’m speaking to someone,” Sparhawk said.

Low have been known for their slowcore, dark indie rock sound, so it may come as a surprise that Sparhawk also cites reggae and dub music as further influences.

“We’re always trying to make something unique and listen to different things,” he said. “Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of reggae and dub, which has had an influence on this album. So has hanging out with local hip-hop bands. It’s opened my eyes to new things.”

Sparhawk said that the main theme of ‘Drums And Guns’ is “murder and the justification of it. But it’s not just a bunch of murder ballads – it grapples with questions and tries to find some answers”.

As previously announced, next month Low will embark on a tour in support of the new album that includes stops in the UK, the US and Europe.

–By our Los Angeles staff.


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