Lower Than Atlantis: ‘Being on a major label has given us more intelligence and more money’

Band also reveal they plan to release their third studio effort in October

Lower Than Atlantis have spoken about their decision to sign to major label Island Records and have revealed that access to “more money and more intelligence” persuaded them to sign.

The Watford rockers will release their as-yet-untitled third album on Island later this year after spending the first chunk of their career on indie labels and have said that the promise of more money convinced them it was the right decision to sign with Island.

Asked why they’d opted to sign with Island and if it signalled a new era for the band, singer Mike Duce told NME: “Nothing’s really changed, except we’ve got the financial backing that we didn’t have before. Previously everything we put in was our own money, money we’d begged and sweated to cobble together to make it. We’ve now got access to input from people who’ve been doing this for a long time. So it’s having the intelligence and the money.”


Then asked if the label had been more hands-on during the recording of the band’s new album, guitarist Ben Sansom said: “Not really, it’s more a case of now if we have any idea that we wouldn’t have been able to pull off ourselves, we have the people to plan it for us and access to a lot more resources. No one’s come to us and said, ‘You’ve all got to wear green T-shirts’ or anything stupid like that.”

The band then revealed that their new album is recorded and that they have 16 completed tracks. It is slated for release in October.

Asked about this, Duce said: “We finished tracking a couple of weeks ago. We’ve recorded 16 songs and we start mixing the album later this week. We’re looking to get it out in late October and we’ve got a title, but we’re not telling you yet.”

Duce also spoke about the band’s recent single ‘If The World Was To End’, which you can see the video for by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. Asked if it would feature on the band’s new record, he replied: “It’s just a stanadlone thing. We never stop writing, we had a few songs left over and we wanted to release it to keep things going. We thought about putting it on there, but the songs we’ve got are really strong.”

Lower Than Atlantis will play a number of summer festivals, including Download and the Great Escape.