Lucy Dacus announces third album ‘Home Video’ with new single ‘Hot & Heavy’

A nostalgic video for the lead single incorporates home footage of Dacus growing up

Lucy Dacus has announced details of her third album ‘Home Video’ and shared its lead single ‘Hot & Heavy’.

“I thought I was writing ‘Hot & Heavy’ about an old friend, but I realized along the way that it was just about me outgrowing past versions of myself,” Dacus said of the track.

“So much of life is submitting to change and saying goodbye even if you don’t want to. Now whenever I go to places that used to be significant to me, it feels like trespassing the past. I know that the teen version of me wouldn’t approve of me now, and that’s embarrassing and a little bit heartbreaking, even if I know intellectually that I like my life and who I am.”


You can watch the nostalgic video for ‘Hot & Heavy’ above, which features Dacus exploring a vintage movie theatre with a video camera, and incorporates home footage of the musician during her childhood.

On the use of home video footage, Dacus said: “I wanted to visualize the moment when you first reflect on your childhood, which I think can also be the moment that childhood is over. ”

‘Home Video’ will be released on June 25, with two songs set to feature backing vocals from Dacus’ boygenius bandmates Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker.

The tracklist for ‘Home Video’ is as follows:

01. Hot & Heavy
02. Christine
03. First Time
04. VBS
05. Cartwheel
06. Thumbs
07. Going Going Gone
08. Partner In Crime
09. Brando
10. Please Stay
11. Triple Dog Dare


As well as ‘Hot & Heavy’, the album features Dacus’ recent single ‘Thumbs’, which was released last month originally via VHS tapes mailed to a selection of fans.

The track has long been a favourite of Dacus’ live shows, having first featured in the singer-songwriter’s sets in 2018.