The former En Vogue beauty reveals she was pushed...

Following NME.COM’S exclusive revelation yesterday (November 8) that DAWN ROBINSON, former vocalist with EN VOGUE, and lead singer with LUCY PEARL, has been replaced by ATLANTA soloist JOI, ROBINSON has broken her silence to reveal she was actually sacked.

Speaking to [url=], Robinson revealed her shock at learning of her dismissal through the media by the group’s remaining members Raphel Saddiq (formerly of Toni, Tone, Tony) and A Tribe Called Quest’s former DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammed.

She insists: “I just learnt about that and I’m just as shocked as everybody else.”


Robinson maintains that throughout her tenure with the group she always spoke of, and worked on, her proposed solo venture, which is thought to be one of the reasons the band ditched her.

She added: The beauty of Lucy Pearl was it was always a one album, one year deal. I wasn’t locked into Lucy Pearl, they were planning to do solo projects as well. Raphael definitely owes Motown more albums… each of us had other agendas from the beginning.”

Robinson admitted that Joi’s press statement about joining the group, where she was quoted saying she “couldn’t wait for us to do this the way it’s supposed to be done” upset her.

“Hearing that is shitty”, she conceded, but Robinson will be avenged. She vows: “There’s a lot of stuff that’s gone on behind the scenes.. it’ll all come out in a book I’m going to write.” That book looks set to contain details of Raphael’s alleged ego, something Wiggins has spoken about at length in the past, and about which Robinson is now willing to discuss.

It’s not the first time Robinson has been unceremoniously sacked. She learned her vocal services were no longer required with girl group En Vogue when she attended a group meeting and was confronted by the girls’ ( Cindy Heron, Terri Ellis and Maxine Jones) and their lawyers.

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