Lucy Rose announces mini-documentary from fan-organised South America tour

Lucy Rose has shared a trailer for her forthcoming mini-documentary, Something’s Changing, which was filmed during her 2016 acoustic tour of South America.

Following on from her 2015 album ‘Work It Out’, Rose put out a call on Facebook announcing she would play free gigs for fans in South America if they arranged them.

Over the course of eight weeks in 2016, she played 33 shows in eight countries across the continent – including Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay – and was hosted by fans along the way.


“I knew other people had apprehensions about the idea,” she told NME, “but I was just excited and I’d been chatting on email to the fans we were staying with for so long I was just ready to meet them all.”

She added: “I hope my trip inspires more artists to travel to countries less toured not just for the fans but for themselves. I hope it warms people’s hearts and makes them see the world through a different light. It shows a side of me that has never been seen before.”

See the trailer for Something’s Changing below.

Rose also explained how the trip has affected her plans for the future: “The tour taught me a lot about myself and who I want to be, both in life and as an artist. It helped me see how people connect with my music and has led me to make the record I’ve always wanted to make.”

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