Lucy Rose reveals plans for a fan voted tour of Asia in 2018

"I’m pretty much letting my fans decide where I’m touring for a lot of next year."

Lucy Rose is planning to head out to Asia in 2018 to play shows in locations as voted by fans.

This is the result of her “play my hometown” campaign, where fans could vote for Lucy to head anywhere in the world, however small the town may be.

Speaking to NME backstage at Bestival she explained: “I had a little campaign this year called play my hometown. Where people can vote, wherever they live in the world, however small the town is, if enough people vote, then I’ll go there. So I’m pretty much letting my fans decide where I’m touring for a lot of next year. So the results are in, and I think that Kuching in Malaysia came first – so I’ll go to Kuching next year!”


Lucy is due to head out to Asia later this year, but revealed of the 2018 dates: “I’ve got another leg in Asia in lots of places that aren’t announced yet – which I’ve not been to before, so a lot of next year’s touring is going to be very similar to what I’ve done, hopefully living with fans again!”

Speaking about her dates in Asia later this year she told us: “I had such a great time in Bangkok last time I was there, but we’re going to Hanoi and I’ve never been to Vietnam – so that’s pretty exciting, going somewhere I’ve not been before.”

Lucy also told NME that she hopes to stay with fans on her upcoming tour dates (including her shows supporting Paul Weller in the US) – something she did on her South American tour earlier this year. “I’ve been putting out the feelers so even on the US tour coming up saying “will somebody please let me stay in your house” and I think they’re more worried than I am! So we’ll have to wait and see.”

“It’s always so nice, because sometimes you just get in a hotel, and it’s never as accommodating as someone’s house where they’re like do you want a cup of tea, or would you like something?!”