And the rapper reveals that Missy Elliott and Mariah Carey are also looking in his direction...

Rising rapper LUDACRIS has been approached by MICHAEL JACKSON for a future collaboration, NMEHIPHOP.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking to NMEHIPHOP.COM yesterday (May 10), the rapper said that pop diva Mariah Carey and R&B queen Missy Elliott had also made moves in his direction.

Michael Jackson, man! He might wanna do something and Mariah Carey also and Missy, a lot of people,” said an excited Ludacris. “I mean it’s

definitely a blessing. But Michael Jackson has to be the

biggest of all. That’s pretty big. We’re trying to figure out if that’s gonna go ahead ‘cos he’s working on his album and we’re just trying to get the negotiations right. You know that the music and the track and everything and if the collaboration is going to be solid. So that’s what we trying to find out.”

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