Russell Simmons threatened the drinks company after a row over a pulled Ludacris ad...

Hip-hop mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS has called off his proposed boycott of PEPSI products after the drinks giant promised to give millions of dollars to his charitable foundation.

Simmons had urged fans of rap and hip-hop to boycott all products after Pepsi signed up The Osbournes to film a $1.6 million commercial which was broadcast during the Superbowl. His protest came after a Pepsi advert featuring rapper Ludacris was pulled last year following a TV news report which criticised their use of the star because of his lyrical content. Simmons branded Pepsi hypocrites for using the Osbourne family, who are notorious for their four-letter swearing on their hit MTV reality show.

He had called for the boycott to start today (February 12), unless Pepsi reinstated the Ludacris advert and paid $5 million into his charitable foundation. Yesterday, they agreed to make a “multi-million dollar” donation over several years to the ‘Ludacris Foundation’, and said they would continue negotiating with Simmons and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network over reinstatement of the ad and his call for a public apology.


The Ludacris Foundation offers arts and music programmes to underprivileged youths.

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