Auteurs’ Luke Haines attacks Radiohead, Blur, Oasis

Haines has harsh words for his Britpop comrades

Former Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man Luke Haines has launched a series of scathing attacks on some of Britpop‘s biggest stars, including Oasis, Radiohead and Blur.

The accounts are published in Haines‘ new autobiography, called ‘Bad Vibes: Britpop And My Part In Its Downfall’.

Despite admitting that Noel Gallagher once congratulated him on the quality of his own songs, Haines dismisses Oasis as “mindless northern bluff” in the book, reports The Times.


Blur, who Haines labels “habitual bandwagon jumpers”, are summed up by the singer-songwriter as “a masterclass in media complicity”.

However, Haines is most bitter about Radiohead, who he calls “that most heinous of creatures, a heavy rock outfit, fright-wig and all”.

The book also sees Haines lay into Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain for inadvertently starting Britpop by committing suicide. “Without the abrupt end of Nirvana there would have been no light entertainment battle for Number One between Blur and Oasis,” he said.

“Not only did Cobain kill himself, he went and left the bloody door open on his way out.”

‘Bad Vibes: Britpop And My Part In Its Downfall’ is out now.

As NME.COM previously reported, Black Box Recorder recently announced their first headline gig in five years, to take place at London’s Luminaire venue on February 18.


Since tickets for that gig sold out so quickly, the band have announced a further show at the Luminaire, to take place on February 24.