Listen to Luke Steele’s new single ‘Pool Of Love’

The Empire Of The Sun member's debut solo album arrives in May

Empire Of The Sun‘s Luke Steele has shared new single ‘Pool Of Love’, the third to be lifted from his forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Listen To The Water’, ahead of its arrival in May.

Drawing on a similar sonic palette to previous singles ‘Common Man’ and ‘Armageddon Slice’, Steele’s latest contrasts fingerpicked acoustic guitar melodies with crystalline synths, foregrounding the singer’s distinctive, almost-whispered vocals.

“I’m finally getting the answers to questions, after so many years. For me, I think I’m so impatient,” Steele says of the new song.


“So headstrong when I want the deliverance or something resolved if it doesn’t happen on my timetable I’d become disappointed and confused. Grasping that ideal that you literally have everything you need on the inside or you, your own pool of love, the keys to the kingdom.”

‘Listen To The Water’ is set to be released on May 13. “I’m taking you on a journey to myself,” Steele said of the album upon its announcement.

“This solo record was a chance for me to be naked, fearless and on my own. That was confronting. There was salvation and sadness, dreams and nightmares, heroes and villains. Strange changes, epiphanies, miracles and madness.”

Last year, Steele formed the group H3000 with songwriter Jarrad Rogers, releasing their self-titled debut album. Prior to that, Steele teamed up with Silverchair‘s Daniel Johns to form the band DREAMS, releasing their debut ‘No One Defeats Us’ in 2018.


Empire Of The Sun’s last album was 2016’s ‘Two Vines’. Last November, Steele’s bandmate Nick Littlemore said “there could totally be Empire stuff in the next year”, adding that there was “some really exciting music” in the pipeline.

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