Lupe Fiasco begins to publish novel via Twitter

US rapper is tweeting 'Teriyaki Joe: Neo Harlem Detective' 140 characters at a time

Lupe Fiasco has begun publishing a novel via his Twitter account.

The rapper is sharing his book Teriyaki Joe: Neo Harlem Detective 140 characters at a time through Twitter, which is not accessible to the public unless the rapper approves a follow request. The US rapper has 1.3m followers who are able to keep up with his “Afro-futurist novel”, which is being published in chapters. Fiasco is currently in the middle of his third chapter.

Chapter one of Teriyaki Joe: Neo Harlem Detective is titled ‘Grits’ and begins: “Two more smacks should do it. She’s weak. A couple more properly placed palms across the cheeks and she’ll be all his. She’ll make good money for him too. Thick-legged, creole, tall…yeah she’s a real winner. I give her two months. I give him three. Two months before she wises up and figures out she’ll be here forever and three months before she puts a knife in his chest for it. That’s Neo-Harlem for you.”


Earlier this year, Lupe Fiasco took up the role of creative director of a healthy living app. The rapper began work at Higi, a new health and wellbeing app designed to calculate how healthy a user’s lifestyle is, taking into account figures such as diet, blood pressure and weight before giving advice on how to lose weight.

Meanwhile, in January he was removed from the stage for making anti-Obama comments during a performance for the US Presidential inauguration celebrations.

Lupe Fiasco released his last album ‘Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt 1’ in August 2012.