Lupe Fiasco gives his new album 7/10 in “the only review that matters”

The Chicago rapper's sixth studio album is out today (February 10)

Lupe Fiasco has reviewed his own album, giving the new release 7/10 in what the rapper says is “the only review that matters.”

The Chicago-born rapper has today (February 10) released his sixth studio album, ‘Drogas Light’. The lead single from the record, ‘Jump’, premiered exclusively on last month.

Taking to his Twitter account, Lupe posted a collage of pictures with the caption: “The only review of #DROGASLight that matters… …Lupe’s ? A Review Of His New Album DROGAS Light by Lupe Fiasco.” The collage features two screenshots of his written review, as well as the popular meme of a picture of British comedian Kayode Ewumi’s character Roll Safe.


In the review, Lupe admits that the new album is “a mixed bag” from “a controversially brilliant rapper”, comprising of what he calls “a curation of pre-existing material which shared similar properties” that contains songs “from the vaults” with just “a few new pieces.”

Read Lupe Fiasco’s review of his new album below.

Late last year, Lupe claimed that he would quit music after accusations of anti-Semitism were aimed at him following a controversial lyric about “dirty Jewish execs“.

Following accusations of hate speech, Lupe tweeted: “I get the hint… I’m officially not releasing anymore music. Albums cancelled… Getting beat up for telling the truth is not how I plan on spending the rest of life.”