Luscious Jackson on reuniting: ‘Nostalgia has nothing to do with what we’re doing’

The band have also mooted a possible collaboration with the Beastie Boys on their new album

Luscious Jackson have spoken out about reuniting after splitting back in 2000.

The band, who released their debut album ‘Natural Ingredients’ through the Beastie Boys‘ Grand Royal label in 1994 and their third, ‘Electric Honey’ in 1999, recently revealed that they had got back together in order to put out a brand new LP.

Speaking to CNN about their first album in 13 years, Jill Cunniff of the band said: “I hope there’s nostalgia, that’s great, but it has nothing to do with what we’re doing. It’s just because the time is exactly right to do it. Five years ago, there wasn’t this type of social network connection, connectivity. 0I think now people really miss that spirit of another time. People were really sad to hear we broke up and I guess now those people realising that we’re reuniting and they’re writing about how happy they are. It’s great.”


Cunniff said that there’s the possibility that they may collaborate with the Beastie Boys on the new record. “We could collaborate with anybody,” she said. “I saw Mike [D] recently, so maybe down the road…”

The single, ‘Are You Ready?’, is out now. The new album is being funded via PledgeMusic. Cunniff explained that as of yet, the album does not have a title. She said: “I think the core of the album needs to be made and then we’ll understand what it is. I think ‘Are You Ready?’ is a really good example of what it’s going to be like. It’ll have a range, but a fun, up-tempo, youth vibe.”

She added: “We’re older now so the lyrics are different. There probably won’t be cursing. I was listening to the old stuff and there was a lot of cursing. I’m not feeling like curses in my lyrics right now. But I don’t feel like an old person. It’s definitely not like, ‘Oh, we’re adult contemporary now.'”