From 'Rubber Soul' to metal...

First record you can remember

‘Rubber Soul’ – The Beatles


“My father owned it and I just remember the song ‘Run For Your Life’ and I was a

little , so. I remember being kind of scared by it. It was kinda cool but


Record that reminds you of school

‘Nobody Does It Better’ – Carly Simon


“That was when I was in grade school. I remember going to a department store and

buying the single. I remember thinking, ‘I think I know what she’s talking

about’. But not exactly! Then later you listen to it and go, ‘Now I know what

she was talking about!'”

Record you fell in love to

‘Suzanne’ – Leonard Cohen

“My husband and I, it’s one of our favourite songs. I think he’s a brilliant

songwriter and we listen to him all the time. We first heard it about five years

ago but he’s still our favourite artist. He’s mutually appreciated.”

Record that evokes the greatest summer of your life

‘You y Thing’ – Hot Chocolate

“It’s that, ‘I believe in miracles!’ I was sure that he was saying ‘I believe in melco’ (giggles). Then I found out he was saying miracles! But I was OK with either version! I just remember that summer in grade school and being really excited to be not in school and just running around New York with my little tiny friends. Yeah, that was a great song. It was a hit song and I knew all the hit songs.”

Heartbreak tune

‘Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye’ – Roberta Flack

“It’s actually a Leonard Cohen song. Let me just find it. I’m sitting next to my record collection! I just want to find this particular song ‘cos it’s a really good heartbreak song. Here it is. It’s called ‘Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye’. It’s the saddest song I’ve ever heard and it reminds me of a specific heartbreak but I won’t say which one. It’s a great way to wallow in self-pity!

The Roberta Flack version really has the necessary pathos and soul.”

Record for a night on the tiles

‘ Healing’ – Marvin e/’Moonchild’ – Cibo Matto

“To me, it’s all about dancing with a y guy! It reminds me of being a teenager in nightclubs and dancing with a cute guy. What would I listen to now? I love the new Cibo Matto LP ‘Stereo-Type A’. My favourite song on it is ‘Moonchild’ but I’d put the whole record on.”

Record that inspired you to form a band

‘Cut’ – The Slits

“I just thought they made really cool music. Really original. They were so inspiring in the way they combined dub and funk and punk. That was my first band when I was,like, 13.

Record guaranteed to clear the tourbus

A metal compilation tape

“I can’t give you any names but anything like that. I think something like that was put on at one point and was quickly vetoed. Everyone started freaking out!”

New Year’s Eve 1999, what’s on the hi-fi?

‘Abonecronedrone’ – Sheila Chandra

“You know what? I’ll probably put on some kind of meditative music ‘cos I like to be the antidote to everyone else and New York’s just gonna be crazy. So I’m gonna be in the house listening to very peaceful music. Let’s say Sheila Chandra and ‘ABoneCroneDrone‘. It’s like chanting and all vocal percussive stuff.”

Record you would like played at your funeral

‘Nervous Breakthrough’ – Luscious Jackson

“It’s about moving on from difficulty and learning from it so I would hope everyone would be happy they knew me, but not dwell on the .”