And not only does he tell NME.COM about his music, he also finds time to tell us about his dietary secrets. Oh yes...

LUTHER VANDROSS has revealed to NME.COM that his next album will be released on June 19, on legendary ARISTA founder CLIVE DAVIS’ fledgling J RECORDS.

“I have a bunch of new producers and writers I wanted to work with. I’ve spent the whole 21 years of my career prior to now writing and producing the lion’s share and I wanted to work with a lot of the people who are around now who are very talented.”

As previously reported, his list of collaborators includes Naughty By Nature, Sisqo producer Warren Campbell and Next singer RL.

Long troubled by wild fluctuations in weight, Vandross is once again svelte, which he credits to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

“It’s a high-protein, low carbohydrates diet and I do step aerobics five days a week and I’m really committed to it. I do six days when I’m feeling ambitious. I’m keeping it in line.

“I’ve been up and down 14 times in excess of 120 pounds, lost and gained 14 times. All through school, I was up and down. That’s an old journey. I’m tired of it. I know that road. I know how I feel when I gain it back. I know how reclusive I become, how unwilling I become to participate in the world around me. I only do what’s required. I’ve joined the world.”