M.I.A. is letting fans print their own merchandise

The UK artist has decided to give away the designs for her merch for free

M.I.A. has decided to let fans make their own merchandise rather than sell her own.

The UK artist has made several designs that were intended to be used for a line of clothing available for free.

Earlier this week, M.I.A. said she wouldn’t be producing merchandise herself on Twitter.



True to her word, M.I.A. uploaded a number of logos on her official website today, telling followers to “get cracking” with making their own clothing.


The singer-songwriter and rapper has long been fascinated with bootlegged designs – her 2013 Versus Versace collection was inspired by counterfeits and her ‘Borders’ music video featured an altered Paris Saint Germain football shirt, much to the club’s consternation. So it makes perfect sense that she’s encouraging her fans to do the same.

M.I.A. released her fifth studio album ‘AIM’ in September. Read her NME cover story here.