Mac DeMarco plays guitar with puppets in new video – watch

Clip is for DeMarco's guitarist's band Tonstartssbandht

Mac DeMarco has appeared in a new video with a pair of puppets and a group of kids.

The clip is for the band of DeMarco’s guitarist Andy White and his brother Ed, Tonstartssbandht. It sees DeMarco playing guitar with puppet versions of Andy and Ed, while they sing their song ‘Seriously’ with school children.

According to Pitchfork, director Deering Regan was inspired by seeing Paul Simon singing ‘Me & Julio’ on Sesame Street.

Watch below.

A clip of a teenage, long-haired Mac DeMarco singing absurd lyrics recently surfaced online. Watch that below.

In the YouTube video entitled ‘charliebrown’, a younger DeMarco plays a keyboard and sings seemingly improvised lyrics about Charlie Brown.

It was recently reported that, following his August EP ‘Another One’, Mac will feature in a new film called Dark Prism.