Footage of teenage Mac DeMarco surfaces online

In the clip DeMarco yells, “I got the chicken pox”

A clip of a teenage, long-haired Mac DeMarco singing absurd lyrics has surfaced online.

In the YouTube video entitled ‘charliebrown’, a younger version of the Canadian multi-instrumentalist plays a keyboard and sings seemingly improvised lyrics about Charlie Brown.

Although the video was uploaded over a year ago, it has just now come to light after a friend of a gamer who played multiplayer online with DeMarco a decade ago shared the story with Stereogum.


DeMarco’s reps have not commented on the clip, which is below:

It was recently reported that, following his August EP ‘Another One’, Mac will feature in a new film called Dark Prism, and a teaser clip has been released for the film.

Dark Prism, directed by filmmaker Dylan Greenberg, has been described as a horror-thriller “about three unique and strange women, each battling their own demons, in both a literal and metaphorical sense”.

A YouTube description adds: “Although they exist in different times and perhaps different worlds, their lives will soon collide due to the mysterious appearance of a massive prism. Slowly, the world as one knows it disassembles, and the nonsensical becomes the sensical… in Dark Prism.”

DeMarco plays the character of The Master. Watch a clip below.