Mac DeMarco responds to MGMT collaboration reports

Could MGMT be appearing on the next DeMarco record?

Mac DeMarco has responded to the MGMT collaboration rumours, after he was pictured in the studio with MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden.

The picture led to speculation that the two acts are recording music together and now, DeMarco could have confirmed that VanWyngarden is working on his forthcoming album.

“He lives in the same neighborhood as me, so we’re homies,” he told Spin. “I don’t know, maybe I should leave it as a mystery. I’m not recording on any MGMT albums, just my own record, but who knows?”


When asked where his songwriting inspiration stems from, DeMarco responded that “they just pop up” and end up being about his life, or his friends, or his experiences.

“And it’s weird because you always have these experiences, and only certain times are you able to manifest these thoughts into a piece of something. So, I don’t understand it. But that’s the beauty of it, though,” he continued.

MGMT released their self-titled third album in September 2013 and tweeted last year that they would return in 2016. DeMarco’s last album, meanwhile, ‘Salad Days’ came Number Two in NME’s Albums Of 2014 list.