Mac DeMarco says ’30 kids have come over so far’ since giving out his address on new song

Singer-songwriter invites fans around for coffee on 'My House by the Water'

Mac DeMarco has revealed that “about 30 kids” have taken him up on the offer after he revealed his home address to fans in a new track.

The song in question, ‘My House by the Water’, features on the Canadian singer-songwriter’s new mini-album ‘Another One’.

The instrumental track ends with an invitation to DeMarco’s home in Arverne, a neighbourhood of Queens in New York. He says on the song: “Stop on by, I’ll make you a cup of coffee. See you later”.

Speaking previously to the Wall Street Journal, DeMarco explained: “The way I rationalize it… to have the address you’ll have to listen to the album to the very end.”

“Second, to even consider coming to my house you have to be a kind of a superfan. And thirdly, it’s in such a weird part of New York that if they actually get there, they deserve a cup of coffee.”

Now, he’s told Billboard: “I’ve had about 30 kids come over so far. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Everybody has been nice, but I asked a kid the other day, ‘Did you check if I was on tour, or did you just come over blindly?’ And they were like, ‘We just came over.’ These kids came from Long Island and Staten Island. They took the train for two hours. You didn’t even think to check if I’m on tour?”

Listen to ‘My House by the Water’ below.

The singer-songwriter will release ‘Another One’ on August 7. It follows on from 2014 LP ‘Salad Days’, NME‘s Number Two album of last year.

Stream ‘Another One’ here.