Mac DeMarco streams new mini-album ‘Another One’ – listen

DeMarco says the record is 'all love songs'

Mac DeMarco is airing his new eight-track release, which he’s dubbing a “mini-album”, online.

The singer-songwriter will release ‘Another One’ on August 7. It follows on from 2014 LP ‘Salad Days’, NME‘s Number Two album of last year.

Ahead of its official release, you can hear all eight songs from ‘Another One’ below via NPR.

DeMarco also recently dropped a nine-track instrumental album called ‘Some Other Ones’.

“It’s all love songs this time,” DeMarco told NPR. “It’s just kind of like every angle of how somebody might feel if they’re having strange feelings in their chest.”

Meanwhile, Mac DeMarco recently opened up about his new friendship with The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas.

The pair met after Casablancas’ team reached out to him proposing a coffee date, DeMarco revealed in interview with NME. DeMarco also joined The Strokes onstage at a recent US festival.

“Julian’s great, a real sweetheart,” the singer-songwriter said. “It was crazy to find out he’s a dad, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs. He just has an insane haircut and plays soccer.

“I was like ‘What the fuck?!” I felt weird and so did Julian I think but when we did finally meet up it was fine, although I was really drunk. He said, ‘Hey man, I really dig your tunes’.”