Mac DeMarco releases instrumental album ‘Some Other Ones’

The singer-songwriter releases his fourth studio album 'Another One' on August 7

Mac DeMarco has released a nine track instrumental album titled ‘Some Other Ones.’

Described as his “BBQ Soundtrack” the songs were recorded by DeMarco between July 4-8 in Queens, New York, and then posted to his bandcamp page today (July 8).

The album release coincided with DeMarco’s BBQ and listening party which was held at 153 Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn, New York earlier today. DeMarco invited fans to the event, explaining that he would play his new ‘mini-album’ ‘Another One’ from car speakers and offer up BBQ food in return for food bank donations.


The singer-songwriter will release ‘Another One’ on August 7, featuring “eight freshly written songs”. It follows on from 2014 release ‘Salad Days’, NME‘s Number Two album of last year.

Having recently made a series of UK live appearances, including performances at Manchester International festival and London’s Field Day festival, DeMarco will return in September for a number of headline shows. These include two dates in London, plus gigs in Glasgow, Bristol and Birmingham. He will also play End Of The Road festival and Manchester’s Beacons Metro festival.

NMEBen Bentley/NME

Speaking late last year, Mac DeMarco said that recording his third album ‘Salad Days’ stopped him from “being a little butthole”. Discussing the change in tone between 2012 studio LP ‘2’ and this year’s offering, DeMarco cites touring as the main inspiration: “I didn’t have anything to be frustrated about before, but for this record it was ‘touring is pretty sweet, but it’s slowly killing me with all the alcohol and it’s pretty insane’.”

Continuing to explain how he translated these feelings into reasonably upbeat songs, the Canadian musician went on to say that it pushed him “out of the slump”. “This record’s purpose was to bring the spirits up. It did for me, take all this stuff you’re feeling and then pop yourself out of the slump,” he said. “When I’m complaining, it starts off like, ‘Oh boy, I’m tired’, but then halfway through the songs the chorus comes in like, ‘Shut up you little prick, you’re able to go round the world playing shows!’ I’m stopping myself being a little butthole.”

Mac DeMarco plays the following live dates:

London Roundhouse (September 1)
Salisbury End Of The Road festival (6)
Glasgow ABC (7)
Bristol Motion (8)
London Roundhouse (9)
Birmingham Institute (10)
Manchester Beacons Metro festival (12)