Mac DeMarco completes new album and posts bizarre parody track – watch

DeMarco's third Captured Tracks album has been mixed and mastered at New York's Electric Ladyland

Mac DeMarco has finished mixing and mastering his new album, which is reportedly titled ‘Salad Days’.

The Canadian musician took to Facebookto announce his progress on the follow-up to ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’ and ‘2’.

DeMarco wrote: “I just finished mixing and mastering my new album at Electric Ladyland in NYC.”

The news came with a purported ‘new song’ which appears to be a parody. “I know my label’s gonna be really mad, but I just am so excited. I had to share the title track and brand new music video with you guys.”

The information in the video claims the album – and thus the title track – is called ‘Eddies Dream’, “out 2019”. See the NSFW clip below.