Mac DeMarco clarifies offer to marry fans who want to move to Canada because of Trump

Singer-songwriter speaks in new NME interview

Mac DeMarco has spoken about his recent offer to marry anyone who wants to move to Canada following Trump’s US election win.

The Canadian singer-songwriter is gearing up to release his new album ‘This Old Dog’ in May. Ahead of its release, he recently spoke to NME.

Asked about an Instagram post last year that featured a photo of an engagement ring, along with the caption: “Trying to move to #Canada?”, DeMarco confirmed that it was “a joke” adding that his girlfriend “would get a little mad at me” if he went through with the scheme.


He went on to say: “But you know I live in the States  and I think everybody should. There are a lot of great things happening here, crazy or not, and I think that a lot of people are really speaking up, and things are probably going to change in a lot of ways. Things are already changing and there’s a strange air.”

NME/Matias Altbach

Speaking about the creative process behind his new record, DeMarco recently said that “it’s definitely one of those things where the album makes more sense as a whole, a full thing rather than single, single, single.”

He also told NME: “I think it’s a little more personal, about my family and the way my life is going right now. There’s a lot of substance on it. I’ve been looking at things under a more mature microscope. Being alive is really crazy, and the world is a really strange place.”


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