Mac DeMarco live-streams new music on Instagram

26 minutes of new Mac

Mac DeMarco took to Instagram over the weekend, live-streaming 26 minutes of new music via the app.

As Noisey report, the stream was captured by YouTube user and Mac fan McGby128, who even went on to give the tracks placeholder names. Amongst the new, previously unheard material were two demo versions of tracks from Mac DeMarco’s latest album ‘This Old Dog’‘One More Love Song’ and ‘For The First Time’.

Check out the fan-grabbed video below the stream’s provisional tracklist:

  1. So What, I Drink and Drive
  2. Schmoopy boy
  3. Pepe’s piano
  4. Dad’s night
  5. Chris’s room
  6. One More Love Song DEMO
  7. Very Special K
  8. Buh duduh babuhduh
  9. For the First Time DEMO
  10. Chunky Baby

Earlier in the year, it wasreported that DeMarco was looking for an assistant to work for his fan club, and wanted applicants to send their “dankest Mac meme or Mac related gif”. However, DeMarco later distanced himself from the listing, and claimed that he didn’t even know what a dank meme was.

“You know what? That story was everywhere,” he told Shortlist, “but that wasn’t even me! I don’t run the club, that was my manager who put that out. I’m not actually after someone to make dank Mac DeMarco memes.

“I don’t even know what would make a meme dank. What does the word ‘dank’ actually mean?”

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