Mac DeMarco hopes to be “homies” with Mitski after clearing up ‘copying’ controversy

Some Mitski fans were upset by the titular similarities in DeMarco's recent album and Mitski's 2018 record ‘Be The Cowboy’

Mac DeMarco has voiced his hope that he can become “homies” with Mitski after the pair cleared up the ‘copying’ controversy which briefly blighted the recent release of DeMarco’s album ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’.

The initial announcement of that record back in March drew a negative response from some Mitski fans, who accused DeMarco of “copying” the artist with his choice of album title. Mitski’s last album, released back in August 2018, was titled ‘Be The Cowboy’, while the two artists both released lead singles called ‘Nobody’.

Mitski quickly quashed the controversy by reasoning that she was “100% sure Mac & I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious,” adding that for her it was a “non-issue” and asking: “My god, why is everyone mad? I’m laughing!”


DeMarco has now spoken about the incident in a new interview, telling Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson that the whole matter was “confusing to me”.

Mac Demarco Glastonbury
Mac DeMarco (Picture: Andy Hughes / NME)

“She was really sweet. I was texting with her last night, actually, but yeah. It was just like, really guys? Like, you’re gonna go… this is what we’re gonna do? Like, this is crazy, you know?” DeMarco said.

“But yeah, I mean, look at the world we’re living today. You know, people just want to have a go, and they did, and that’s fine. If I made somebody satisfied or got their anger quota on or something, that’s fine, but it’s like, really. It was just flabbergasting that people were like, Mac’s trolling us. It’s like, no. Why would I do that? Come on.”

He added: “But she was sweet about it, and I’m thankful for that, and it was… you know. Well now… you know, I talked to her a little bit, and she seems really cool, and hopefully… I think we’re playing some festivals together in the next couple of months, so – hopefully I get a new homie out of the experience.”


DeMarco was one of the stand-out acts at the French event Festival Beauregard over the weekend – check out the NME review of the festival.